BriTTany Mo’Cha

BriTTany Mo’Cha is the Founder of Pretty – and Big Too! ©, and Director  of Media Operations for deLane’ Media & Management Group, LLC, as well as a noted writer and publicist.  Primarily known from her writings as a newspaper and magazine journalist, she gained her experience covering hard, soft and breaking news, events, entertainment, music and fashion.  Throughout her career, BriTTany Mo’Cha was always told she had an entrepreneurial spirit, which has pushed her to become the boss of her own abilities.

 BriTTany graduated Manga Cum Laude from Temple University, with two degrees in Journalism and Political Science. After graduating, she immediately moved to New York and worked with many talents during her time between New York and Philadelphia. Her work includes corresponding and assisting in producing the television show of Cathleen Williams, “I’m Just Saying,” on Time Warner Television. BriTTany has also worked with the hit recording group The Astronauts to co-write and produce the first/original Music Video for their hit song on the airways, “Super, Crazy, Dumb Stupid” (produced by Pace-O Beats, featuring Gillie Da Kid, Rock Steezy, Mont Brown and Daddy-O) that aired on MTV.

After the success of her projects, BriTTany decided it was time to put her and her team’s array of talents under one umbrella and founded deLane’ Media & Management Group, LLC (formerly known as BEYOND Media Group), a boutique entertainment public relations and media firm.  BriTTany’s best work is her role as the publicist of the late Plus Size Super Model, Mia Amber Davis Yard, and continues to work with entertainers and lifestyle brands.

The youngest of three daughters, BriTTany currently works in digital media, and travels running her business, as well as Pretty – and Big Too! ©- a Plus Revolution, and her “Putting The PLUS Back In!” campaign.  BriTTany plans to create her own plus size clothing line and include a modeling and image consulting division to her company in the future.  She remains a passionate advocate for the plus size community and the initiative to feelinitiative to feel confident no matter your size!


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