Pretty – and Big Too! ©, is not just a blog.

Pretty – and Big Too! © is a movement and a revolution!  Our main goals are to change how young women of size view themselves by providing a platform in which our readers can relate. We encourage our readers to rise above how the cultures perceives us, and much more, to finally change how the world views us as whole, one blog post and heart at a time.

We have made it our obligation to provide REAL role models and influential figures in the plus size community to encourage and inspire our readers.  Through this blog, we want to put the “plus” back in “plus size”, through showcasing hidden gems of fashionable plus attire, motivational posts and features regarding the issues that are swept under the rug in the plus community and how to conquer them, health and fitness tips, and more that will allow our readers the space and comfort to be themselves.

Primarily, Pretty – and Big Too! © was created to showcase where young plus size ladies and women can find fashion styles that are on trend  from stores, boutiques, designers, as well as showcase personal styling techniques that are not presented in the mainstream plus stores to serve a younger audience. We cater to all types of looks including causal, professional, formal, athletic, sexy and chic.  Our mission is to discover and present the clothing that you may not be able to find or are limited selections. Hence, we seek to partner with brands, boutiques, designers and stylists who cater to the plus size community by showcasing their brands through advertising, bookings, collaborations, photo shoots, partnerships and features on the site, boosting their visibility and more to our audience.  We consider it to be important to publicly showcase to our audience, as well as to the industry and world, that young plus size ladies not only have people to follow who are just like them, but can be inspired to be comfortable in their own skin.

Pretty – and Big Too! © thrives on the motto, “because my size is my asset, not my flaw!,” seeking to inspire the Pretty – and Big Too! © audience to feel the same through the various posts in the previously listed categories and other types of features we will have on the site. Pretty – and Big Too! © stands on not being a promoter obesity or unhealthy lifestyles, as we encourage fitness and health awareness by providing health and fitness tips from professionals for our audience.  We are an advocate for you being a size that is most healthy for you!  Most importantly, we want our readers to be confident in their skin by realizing just how beautiful they really are. Overall, we have made it our highest mission to unite us, strengthen us, empower us and then change the world. We invite all of the Pretty – and Big Too! © community to celebrate the birth of our site, as we start a much needed Plus Revolution that is long overdue. Join The Curve and support Pretty- and Big Too! After all- this is all about you!

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