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Dear you,

Yes you, and you too. For all whom don’t yet know, but are wondering what exactly is Pretty – and Big Too!; this platform is a journey of self love, worth, confidence, expression and empowerment for not just some, but for ALL of you. It is a revolution of health, beauty, style, achievement and luxury re-defined, to ignite and sustain a world-world movement that is long overdue for the woman of this time. It is for women of every race and every size. Pretty – and Big Too! is an opportunity to change how we as women view ourselves and our female counterparts by “Joining The Curve” to change how we think about our worth in our current culture. It is timely, it is necessary, and challenges societal norms of what a woman will any longer let define her. Pretty – and Big Too! is the contemporary “Chicken Noodle Soup for The Soul” to show all women that in their journey to wholeness and self-love they are not alone. It admonishes you not to conform to this world, and to believe in the divine beauty and light within you that is uniquely your own. That no matter what your journey is, there are other women all over the world who do understand and are also seeking to find their place. Pretty – and Big Too! is where you can come to seek, explore, listen and be heard – it is your “safe space”.


What started out as the pure obedience of stepping out on faith in becoming a (role) model to provide both a visual image and online platform within mainstream media that highlighted size and color diversity in an effort to make a difference in the lives of young women of size who lacked real role models they could identify with, turned into a movement that took on a life of it’s own.

Vulnerable moment: when I grew up, there was no one who looked like me in my family, neighborhood or school. I was always the biggest, tallest and darkest person in my classes or extra curricular activities in a time when individuality and self-expression were not popular; nor were there the many aids in both beauty and fashion to assist with the aesthetics of my appearance. However, although I looked different from everyone else and in my adolescent days was teased because of it, that same little girl would go home, look in the mirror with tears in her eyes and would say, “…but I think I am pretty. I don’t know why no one else thinks I am.”

The woman that

How profound! My tears weren’t because I was sad that I didn’t look like everyone else, but because they couldn’t see in me what I was divinely able to see despite what they said, and what everyone else looked like around me.  My spirit was louder than my looks! I knew that I was never created to fit in – I was always destined to stand out. I embraced all of my differences and that is what is constantly working in my favor.


You see, beauty, style, health and galore are things that look different on everyone, and this is something that the world needs to recognize.  The veracity is that there is actually no such thing as a “cookie-cutter” fit when we were never made to be a part of any mold. After living out this revelation, it was in my teenager years, I knew my life’s work would be in media to make other people see their purpose by simply being who God created them to be – a masterpiece that is fearfully and wonderfully made with a divine image and purpose that was designed solely for them to personally fulfill.

Although this is my moral of my story, this is supposed to be ALL of our stories. We all have our BIG insecurities, but it’s time to change our perspective. Our “flaws” are what make us beautiful and special. They do not define us, rather they are assets to us. We are all supposed to be women who stand in our worth, love ourselves, embrace the masterpiece we ALREADY are. We should be able to enjoy the daily journey of becoming our best selves, and uplift our fellow woman in her journey as well. However, we have to learn beauty from this perspective and believe it, in order to be able to live it.

Summer time madness 2014 - Part 3 179

Along the way, we have lost our sense of individuality and have embraced conformity. We feel inadequate because instead of loving what is profound about ourselves we are trying to look like the mainstream image of someone else. Instead of becoming the light, we try to stand in the light of others and mimic their individuality, but wonder why even if we are able to pull it off, inside we still feel worthless. We cover up our hurt and insecurities caused by the lies about beauty this harsh, superficial world has spoon-fed us, with fashion, makeup, taking countless duck-face selfies, posting and posing as if we are happy, but are empty because we aren’t living in OUR OWN purpose. We complain and say we want change, but there are only a few standing up striving to challenge the rules of the game. We envy and back-bite our fellow women, but deep down what we are all going through and what we all need is the indeed exactly the same.

For all these reasons, this is why our movement was started. Though PABT experienced immediate success around the USA with our message, I later saw the gap that needs to be bridged and that this gap isn’t one that is about size- it’s about women. Women all over are seeing PABT as a tool for them, as they have found few outlets are talking about the issues they face on an all-inclusive level. The platform’s one-stop-shop setup for beauty, style, body-image, self love, health, fitness and other topics caused females regardless of age, ethnicity or size to gravitate towards the movement’s approach of tackling the various complex issues today’s woman faces, especially in regards to body image. PABT has worked to teach women how to overcome the pressures society places on us to look and be a certain way with content that is both matter-of-fact and entertaining. After various interactions with followers, media interviews and observation on what it is that women really want and need, it was clear that PABT did achieve its’ goal. However, that change now needs to be for ALL women by removing the barrier of size-separation to truly be inclusionary.




So I have made the commitment to re-create this platform to serve as an empowerment reservoir from me to all of you who need this revolution. In our own way we are dedicated to making us ALL feel equal and deserving of beauty, fashion, health, fitness, travel, luxury, media coverage and more by removing all the titles, distinctions and barriers that separate us as part of our solution. By structuring PABT as a one-stop-shop to effectively unite us, our team to has dug deeper and stretched farther to be an all-encompassing go-to of envelope-pushing multi-media content and campaigns.

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Henceforth, Pretty – and Big Too! is a movement that is on a journey of “Being The Change We Want To See” by “Reinventing Beauty Our Way, Together!” We address various insecurities all women have and inspire them to see themselves as pretty first- then owing that insecurity as being what is personally unique about them. The “big” of PABT is whatever you view as your flaw, but learning how to see it as your asset by knowing that you are a masterpiece designed to look only like you. Additionally, “Joining The Curve” is not about a body type; rather is it about curving the way you think about your body, despite what the world says you “should” look like.  It’s time for all women to know there’s an impact to be made in this world that only they can individually make by simply being who they uniquely are. Yet, to do that we must first get real with what has tainted us, what currently affects us, and re-learn what it really means to be beautiful and powerful women of worth.



On the forthcoming website, we will provide a look and feel that is clean and chic, illustrating a mix between a magazine and blog format that appeals to a diverse range of women.  Furthermore, when women visit our site, we want them to experience the glmaour that all women want to feel is accessible to them regardless of how they look. By being a “one-stop-shop”, we will provide content that is all-inclusive that will resonate with women of various sizes and demographics by addressing real issues all women deal with, in addition to various fun topics and exposes’. Overall, our detailed sections will help women who are in need of extra support on their personal journeys to self-love, health, fitness, body-confidence, beauty, fashion, and much more. The sections for the blog will include the following:

  • Soap Box: Motivational posts and op-ed features regarding the issues that are swept under the rug in the fight against sizism and misogyny, as well as diverse pieces on size and beauty inclusion in fashion, entertainment, beauty, media, pop-culture and more.
  • On Display: Showcases hidden gems of fashionable attire and provides our twist on how to style various pieces on different shapes and sizes.
  • Size Me Up: Fitness and training tips for women from various personal training professionals.
  • Bon Appetit: Quick and fun tips and tricks for healthy meals and snacks, weight loss, recipes, cooking, meat-less and vegan options, cleanses, and much more.
  • Beauty Zone: Featuring the beauty products we like that are good for all women, including skin care, hair care and styling, makeup, tutorials from makeup artists for various looks, organic beauty options and more.
  • Bon Voyage: All things travel. From destinations to excursions, attire, hotel stays, packing tips, stories, reviews and more, this section will show women of all sizes can enjoy travel and adventure, as well as look and feel fabulous doing it.
  • Center Stage: Features recognizing people who are doing marvelous things for women that falls into the various areas we cover on the site, but due to their size, look, or lack of industry support of their work, they are under the radar.
  • Winning: Features and posts of current events and news that we view as a “win” in the fight for size-inclusion, self-love, fashion, beauty, entertainment, music, social issues and more.
  • The Safe Space: An interactive monitored environment where the blog’s participants can share their stories and talk about their size, body confidence, self love and weight issues and will receive motivational support and advice from one another as well as the PABT Team.
  • PABT Media: Where our photo shoot and video campaigns will be featured, (they will also rotate on the homepage with the latest campaign), as well as PABT event coverage, makeover features, behind the scenes videos, cinematic projects and more.

As we are working hard to make this transition,  it is our hope that once you all experience the essence of the reconstructed PABT, that you will never be the same. We invite all of you to #JoinTheCurve and grow with us in taking this revolution to the next level as we strive to create the waves that will both personally and internationally, for all women, bring real change.  We are making it our duty to ensure that self-love and body positivity is not an exception for a select few, but something that is able to be embraced and lived out loud by all of you. With open arms, this month, we will officially welcome you to the new and ever-expanding world of Pretty – and Big Too! 

X’s & O’s,

BriTTany Delane


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Whether you are a writer, photographer, videographer, social media guru, graphic designer, health professional, travel enthusiast, makeup artist, or wardrobe stylist, Pretty – and Big Too! has a place for you! We are always looking for fresh talent that also has a passion to “be the change we want to see” through what we do on our site, on our social media and in our campaigns. Pitches and Submissions can be sent to:


Advertising & Collaborations:

Do you have a clothing line, products for beauty, health and wellness, or services in regards to fitness, travel, workshops, events and more that you think will resonate with Pretty –and Big Too!’s audience? If so, on our site we can offer advertising, product placement features / codes for products and services, have one of our writers do a review on your product or line, or discuss collaboration opportunities. Lets see if we can grow our movement and your business, together. For more information please contact us at


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